The City of Sultan contracts with Republic Services for curbside recycling services. Recycling is picked up every Monday. Recycling services are mandatory in the City of Sultan. The monthly charge for recycling service is $10.35.

Republic Services does not pick up on Christmas or New Year’s Day. If either of these holidays falls on a Monday, the recycling will be picked up the next business day.

No tax is assessed on recycling services.

A message from Republic Services…

Every year, Americans recycle more than 87 million tons. Unfortunately, not everything placed in a recycle bin is ready to be recycled. Did you know that a recent study showed two-thirds of Americans will put something in the recycling cart even if they are unsure if it is recyclable? Sometimes, perfectly good items (such as paper) are ruined because other items are wet or soiled. Contaminated recycling hurts the environment. For more information, please click here: Republic Services What Goes Where.

What can you do? Remember: Empty, Clean, Dry

Empty – make sure each container is completely empty

Clean – each container should be free from food and other residue

Dry – Dry containers ensure that other recyclables, such as cardboard and paper, remain uncontaminated

For more hints and tips, go to For information about upcoming changes in the recycling industry, please click here.

Yard Waste

The City of Sultan does not offer yard waste service. You can contact Republic Services directly to set up yard waste service. Yard service occurs weekly from March through November and every other week from December through February. Republic Services will bill you quarterly for the yard waste service, and you can start or stop service at any time. You can contact Republic Services directly at 425-778-0188 or on-line at: for customer service issues.