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Sultan hires former Monroe Monitor reporter as part-time grants coordinator

The City recently hired Chris Hendrickson as the new part-time grants coordinator. Formerly the chief reporter at the Monroe Monitor & Valley News, Chris spent four years providing in-depth coverage of Sultan City Council meetings, local businesses, politics and community events. She brings strong writing skills, a basic understanding of municipal operations and a deep connection to the community. Chris says…

“To say that I am thrilled to be here is an understatement. I am so grateful for this opportunity and am excited to be working on behalf of the City!”

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Effective June 1, 2016, Snohomish County is providing non-emergency numbers for the public use. After years of promoting 9-1-1 as the number for non-emergencies, YOU ARE NOW ASKED TO CALL 9-1-1 ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES.

Calls for police with no immediate danger to life or property, found property, or firework complaints should be referred to the non-emergency numbers.

The new numbers are: 425.407.3999 (SNOPAC) and 425.775.3000 (SNOCOM). SNOPAC is the call center for Everett and for East and North Snohomish County. SNOCOM is the call center for South Snohomish County. When in doubt, refer to the SNOPAC number.

Snohomish County has developed a web page with information for the public about calling 911 which lists the new phone numbers, links to other resources (filing a noise complaint, the online crime report etc.) and what constitutes an “emergency”.

For more information, please contact your local police department or call City Hall at 360.793.2231.