Does your project need a permit?

Permit requirements depend on the scope of your project or location related constraints. Please visit the City website at for information regarding permissible uses for all zoning districts, setbacks, land use and building permit requirements and applications.

  • Overview. Whether you are a homeowner, small business owner or contractor, the process to obtain a permit will depend on the scope of your project.
  • Types of Permits/Approvals. Find out what type of permit/approval you need or whether you even need a permit/approval for your project.
  • Relevant Documents. Useful information that can help clarify building regulations, assist you with design specifications, and provide helpful building tips and more.


Why do you need permits?

  • It’s the law. State building codes require that permits be obtained for certain types of work. Permits provide a legal record of work performed.
  • Permits protect you, your family and your investment (they are designed to help ensure that licensed contractors do the work when required.)
  • Inspections ensure that work is done safely and that it meets the minimum code requirements.
  • Minor problems that could lead to costly repairs, liability and life/safety issues can be detected during permit inspections and brought to your attention before the situation worsens.
  • When selling property, the buyer, realtor and/or lender may require that unpermitted work be corrected, properly permitted and inspected before closing.
  • Lack of permits and inspection approvals may void homeowner’s insurance.


Where can I get a permit?

Visit City Hall at 319 Main Street, 2nd Floor or by calling the Planning Department at 360.793.2231. Permit Applications are below.

2018 Rate Schedule (Fee Resolution)-Click Here
Type 1 Permit Application (Master Building Permit)-Click Here
Building (Residential) Complete Packet-Click Here
Commercial & Multi-Family Complete Packet-Click Here
2018 Impact, Water and Sewer Fees-Click Here
Home Occupation Affidavit-Click Here
Mechanical and Plumbing Complete Packet-Click Here
Mechanical (only) Complete Packet-Click Here
Plumbing (only) Complete Packet-Click Here
Pre-Application Conference Request Form-Click Here
Special Events Permit-Click Here
Type 1 Roof Permit-Click Here
Sign Permit Packet-Click Here
Right of Way Use Application-Click Here
Grading Permit Application-Click Here
Flood Development Permit Application-Click Here
Fence Permit Application-Click Here
Roof Permit Application-Click Here
Driveway Permit Application-Click Here

If the Permit application you are looking for is not listed please contact Cyd Donk, Assistant Planner at 360.793.1099.