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kevinAs a sculptor for over thirty-two years, Kevin Pettelle has devoted himself to the exploration and interpretation of the human figure. With its tactile warmth, historic durability and a remarkable ability to accent form, bronze has proven the perfect medium of choice to express himself. In 1987, partnering with his father Ed and brother, Todd, the fine art foundry NW Artworks Bronze Casting Service was established. It was there he gained an extensive knowledge of the lost wax method of casting, learning all aspects of this ancient and complicated process. Since, he has continued to expand his knowledge through the application of the latest in digital tools to aid in the realization of his vision. Born in Seattle, Washington, Kevin and his wife Susie have chosen to call the Pacific Northwest their home.

His work is shown extensively throughout the US and abroad, cultivating collectors worldwide. The Schack Art Center exhibition is a retrospective of his work. “The human figure still holds the depth of my interest. All my lessons of great sculpture can be found there,” Pettelle said.

In the fall of 1999 he was asked by the City of Sultan to aid in the design review plans for the new community center which would house the public library, sculputureSultan City Hall and a community meeting room. When the construction began, he was commissioned to create a sculpture for the lobby that somehow, like the building, expressed the town’s history; past, present and future. The architectural elements considered in the design were high windows on the west wall, a balcony overlooking the site on the east and a time capsule filled with items from that year sealed for 100 years underneath the sculpture. The sculpture takes advantage of all these elements, depicting a child sitting on a stump, gazing upward lost in thought, towards the sky beyond those high windows. “The Future Dreaming” sitting on a stump represents Sultan’s logging history, with the time capsule underneath the sculpture representing the town’s present and the day dreaming child representing the future.

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bronnThrough the quality of their performance, it soon becomes evident that both Bronn and Katherine are highly trained, classically educated musicians. Bronn holds a degree in Harp Performance from the University of Washington in Seattle. Katherine holds an undergraduate degree in Music Education from Dordt College in Sioux Center, IA and a Masters degree in Vocal Performance from Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ.

The Journeys’ musical accomplishments are well known and appreciated both locally in the Pacific Northwest and nationwide. Their recent touring season logged 47,000 miles on their “harpmobile” and took them through 44 of the 48 contiguous states. Appreciative audiences throughout the country enthusiastically applauded their performances, and standing ovations were the rule rather than the exception!

Bronn’s dazzling virtuosity and humorous approach to a classical instrument continue to make him a favorite with concertgoers. Classical, sacred, Broadway and popular tunes all flow effortlessly from the strings of his harp. Bronn has even played the national anthem at Seattle Seahawks and Sonics sporting events! Katherine’s beautifully expressive interpretations of the songs she sings delight their audiences. And now, Bronn’s harp music is frequently heard on satellite radio and TV easy listening channels for the enjoyment of all.

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jillEach year KING 5 holds the Best of Western Washington contest in which local businesses, entertainment professionals, restaurants and services can be nominated for the contest. People can nominate any business or person they deem worthy of the honor of being recognized as the Best of Western Washington in any particular category. Your choice for Best of Western Washington’s Best Teacher of 2013 was Jill Sumpter. Jill runs Sultan High School’s award-winning music department. She is the director of the Sultan High School “Turk” Marching Band, directs musicals performed by the Sultan High School Drama Club and the music department, teaches band and choir, and heads up the Show Choir, Jazz Band and Honor Band. She is looked up to by students and has received tremendous support from the community.