Olson Tech founder Nick Olson provides a comprehensive level of technology services including cloud hosting, data recovery and backup, networking, wireless configuration, website design and complete business services. He repairs all types of electronic devices including PC and MAC computers, laptops, tablets and iPhones.

In addition to his Sultan office, Nick has an office in Los Angeles and is currently looking to expand into Mill Creek. A Snohomish-area resident, Information Technology is a second career for Nick, who began working at the Monroe Les Schwab at the age of 16. Olson Tech, which opened its doors in June of 2014, is the result of Nick’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with his love for technology and the Sky Valley.

Now 28, Nick devotes his time to building his business, which employs three full-time staff. Recognizing that technology issues don’t just occur Monday through Friday during regular business hours, Nick strives for a higher level of availability by being open 363 out of 365 days a year. He also makes house calls, providing on-site troubleshooting and repair.

He strives to keep his rates competitive while providing excellent service to his customers.

He is currently single with no children.  “I work too much,” he said.

To Nick, Olson Tech is about more than just fixing computers; it’s also an opportunity to serve the community. In addition to working with local school districts and the Sultan Education Foundation, he is committed to serving Sky Valley families experiencing financial hardship by taking old computers, refurbishing them, and providing them to youth in need. He can also guide families who lack internet access, connecting them to low-income internet service provided by Comcast.

Nick’s community advocacy is inspired by his fiancée, Amy, who passed away in 2010. Amy was passionate about giving back, so Nick built community service into his business model as a way to honor her memory.

Nick’s vision for the future is continued growth.

“Within five years I want to have a total of five offices,” Olson said.

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