For all volunteer opportunities, please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Donna Murphy at 360.793.1811 or email

1. Volunteer Program Objectives
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the City of Sultan! Volunteers play a vital role in supporting the services and infrastructure within Sultan. It is important to the City to offer volunteer experiences that benefit both the volunteer and the community. Volunteer opportunities may include participating in one of the established volunteer programs, an extended project, or a special one-time event.

The Volunteer Program seeks to provide volunteers with a positive, pleasant service experience. The City of Sultan understands volunteering promotes service, life-long learning, personal growth and establishes important community values. So, roll up your sleeves, return your necessary forms and join forces with an organization that welcomes, values and appreciates your skills, background and commitment!

2. Types of Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer opportunities are available in a variety of departments within the City, including Police, Parks and overall maintenance of the City. Below is a list of the primary types of activities that volunteers perform. However, feel free to contact us with other ideas also! 

A. Informal Parks Volunteer: Serve in your favorite park as often as you wish, helping plant flowers, pulling weeds, picking up litter or other natural resource improvement activities. This is an opportunity for you or your group to be creative with your time and skills.

B. Adopt-A-Park / Adopt-A-Trail / Adopt-A-Street / Adopt a Main Street Island: Organizations or individuals can formally ‘Adopt-A-Park’, ‘Adopt-A-Trail’, ‘Adopt-A-Street’, or ‘Adopt a Main Street Island’ and provide beautification throughout the parks, pathways, nature trails and roadways by planting and caring for annual and perennial flower-beds, applying mulch, providing trail maintenance or by picking up litter.

C. Special Projects: Painting, carpentry, landscaping, and natural resource activities are a few of the areas for special projects. Have an idea for a City project? Run it by us and let’s see what we can do together!

D. Volunteer Sponsor: Your company has an opportunity to support local volunteerism by providing funding for volunteer projects and / or volunteer recognition.

E. Recreation Programs: We’d love to have your help with the set-up and/or take-down of equipment at community events such as NW Grind Skateboard Competitions, Shindig, or Project Main Street. If you have a special skill or knowledge, please contact us about teaching a class.