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River Park

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Located at the corner of First and Main streets near downtown Sultan, River Park is home to numerous community events including the Sultan Summer Shindig Festival, National Night Out, the Veterans Day Ceremony, and many others.

Chief T'seul-Ted Statue

River Park is home to Sultan’s Chief T’seul-ted statue, hand-crafted by Monroe artist Jerry Carter in the 1980s. The 13-foot, 4,000-pound statue was transported on U.S. 2 on a forklift before it was settled in River Park. The enduring figure is meant to honor Chief John T’seul-ted, after whom it is believed that the City was named.


River Park is located adjacent to the All Veterans Memorial Wall and the Main Street Gazebo, both located directly east of the confluence of the Sultan and Skykomish rivers. The Main Street Gazebo is utilized as the “Main Stage” during the Sultan Summer Shindig Festival, offering musical performances, talent shows and karaoke parties.

Riverside Park has an area of 7.21 acres and includes the skate park with various skate structures, picnic tables, grassy places to relax, and a view of the Sultan and Skykomish rivers. A pedestrian bridge connects this park via a short walk to Sportsman Park on the other side of the river.


  1. River Park Pavilion

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  2. Skate Park

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