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This Snow and Ice Response Plan (Plan) has been prepared for the purpose of communicating the designated roadways, in priority order, that will receive snow plowing and sanding services during winter snow and ice events. This Plan also provides a description of plowing and sanding services that will be employed by the Public Works Department. This Plan includes the methods by which roadways will be monitored and Public Works Department will be alerted to adverse conditions.


The Public Works Director will assess the weather and roadway conditions and initiate action. Outside of normal working hours (M – F, 7:15 am to 4:15 pm), the Public Works Field Supervisor will be responsible for making a city wide assessment, and may also initiate sanding/plowing operations at their discretion.

The Field Supervisor will be available for callout in severe winter weather events. The Field Supervisor or the Public Works Director may schedule additional personnel to respond when extra help is needed.

When unforeseen severe winter weather events occur and urgent sanding/plowing is necessary, the Field Supervisor shall initiate a rapid response within 30 minutes of such an event. Callback will be done in accordance with the approved bargaining agreement.


Please use the following numbers to contact the Public Works Department or After Hours Emergency Line. When calling after hours, please call the after hours emergency phone first. If no response if received within 30 minutes total time, begin calling the remaining numbers listed below.

Public Works Department – 360.793.2231
Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
After Hours Emergency Line – 360.793.2231 then press 5

If you cannot reach someone at the After Hours Emergency line, please dial 911.


Daily status updates via email will be sent during winter weather events requiring sanding or plowing. In emergency situations, the Core Group will be apprised of the situation immediately and be kept updated until the situation is resolved. The Core Group is defined as:





John Seehuus



Ken Walker

City Administrator


Cyd Donk

Assistant Planner


Nate Morgan

Public Works Director


Lt. Steve McDonald

Police Chief


Merlin Halverson

Fire Chief


Julie Addington

Deputy Treasurer


Tami Pevey

Deputy City Clerk


Janice Mann

Utility Clerk


Available Equipment
The City of Sultan owns the following equipment which is available for snow plowing and sanding services. Snow plowing and sanding equipment is prepared for operation by Public Works personnel and is maintained by city staff.

Primary Equipment – plowing and sanding:

Dump Truck – 5 yard
Drop-in Sander – 4 yard
Snow Plow – 10’ blade

Secondary Equipment – plowing:
Road Grader
Traffic and Safety signage – miscellaneous signs and barricades.

Primary equipment will be used to perform plowing and sanding operations on Priority 1 Routes (Identified later in this plan). Depending on weather conditions, primary equipment may be used to perform plowing and sanding on Priority 2 Routes but only after Priority 1 Routes have been addressed.

Secondary equipment will be used to perform plowing operations on Priority 1 Routes in the most severe conditions.

It is anticipated that in most snow and ice conditions, Priority 3 Routes (all other roads not designated Priority 1 or 2) will not receive plowing or sanding services.

Available Materials
The City of Sultan Public Works Department maintains a stock of materials for snow plowing and sanding operations. The following materials are kept in stock at the City Shop facilities located at 703 1st Street, Sultan WA 98294. Minimum quantities are maintained as indicated below:

Sand 40 yards

Trained and Qualified Personnel
The City of Sultan personnel have been trained in snow plowing and sanding operations and are available to perform these services. Six employees have received this training and routinely participate in snow plowing and sanding events. Three of the employees are from the Street Department and the remaining employees are from the Water and Wastewater Departments.

Sanding operations begin when unsafe conditions exist, primarily on hills, sharp corners and intersections. Sanding operations may be initiated by a request from the Mayor or at the judgment of the Public Works Director or Public Works Field Supervisor. Known problem areas shall be addressed on a regular basis during hazardous conditions and/or severe weather.

Sanding will also take place during snow events following and/or concurrent to snow plowing.

Snow Plowing
Plowing operations shall commence when snow accumulation has reached 2 inches or sooner according to the judgment of the Public Works Director or Public Works Field Supervisor. Priority routes have been established and shall be adhered to unless otherwise authorized.

During extreme weather events, it may not be possible to reach Priority 2 and 3 areas for some time. The focus will be kept on the Priority 1 routes during these situations so Police, Fire and basic services can be provided to those in need.

The city may close Sultan Basin Road during plowing operations or if deemed unsafe by the Public Works Director, Public Works Field Supervisor, the Police Department or the Fire Department.

The city will not do the following during a snow event:

Plow gravel roads under any circumstances
Plow private streets under any circumstances
Provide rock salt for Walbrun Road.
Plow driveways.


Priority 1 Routes
Main arterials are considered to be the minimum network which must be kept open to provide a transportation system connecting hospitals, fire stations, police stations and emergency rescue units.

The following streets shall be designated as Priority 1 for snow and ice removal and sanding operations:

  • All roads intersecting with US 2

  • Sultan Basin Road

  • South Sultan Basin Road at Cascade View Drive

  • 1st Street, 4th Street, 8th Street, and Main Street

  • Rice Road

  • Old Owen Road – US 2 to Cherry Hill Estates

The Public Works Director, Public Works Field Supervisor, Police Department or Fire Department may initiate a road closure in these locations or any other location that is deemed unsafe for vehicular travel.

Priority 2 Routes
The following streets provide significant secondary access routes for emergency responders and community travel and shall be designated as Priority 2.

  • Alder Avenue – 1st to 8th
  • Date Avenue – 1st to 8th
  • High Avenue – 1st to 8th
  • Fir Avenue – 3rd to 8th
  • Willow Avenue – 1st to High School
  • 132nd Street
  • 124th Street – Sultan Basin Road to Water Plant
  • East Kessler

Priority 3 Routes
Residential streets and all other local roads not listed as Priority 1 or 2 shall be designated as Priority 3.



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