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Amendments to SMC Title 19 & Chapter 16.62 
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Mountainside Storage Facility Expansion
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Sultan School District Capital Facilities Plan
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Sultan River Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge Project – Initiated 10/2014

This project is to build a new bridge to provide safe passage for pedestrians and non-motorized users (such as bicycles and wheelchairs) across the Sultan River. The bridge will connect Sultan River Park to Sportsman Park while passing over the Sultan River. The Project will also accommodate planned growth within Sultan by providing for upgrades to City-owned water and sewer mains. The City of Sultan water and sewer mains currently cross the Sultan River under the existing U.S. 2 Bridge. The existing mains are at capacity and the bridge cannot accommodate additional or larger mains.

Applicant’s Project DescriptionSEPA Notice of Application and Pre-threshold Consultation — Comment Period through 10-24-14
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Environmental Documents
SEPA DNS – Comments Due 12/3/2014