Finance Department Responsibilities
The Finance Department carries out all financial transactions of the City and ensures legal and ethical compliance with those transactions. They work cooperatively with other City departments in preparing the annual budget and financial forecasting.

The Finance Department is responsible for cash management, investments, payroll, accounts payable, utility billing, administering the budget, asset accounting and debt management. The department prepares various required reports for State and County agencies, as well as several financial reports on a monthly and quarterly basis that are submitted to the Mayor, Council and City administration Team.

The City of Sultan received the Washington Finance Officers Association Distinguished Budget Award for the 2013 Budget and at the 2013 WFOA conference was presented with a plaque and certificates. This award is patterned after the Government Finance Officers’ Program and is the highest form of recognition in fiscal planning and budgeting within the State of Washington. The budget document is judged on meeting program criteria covering policies, operations, financial planning and communications.  In order to earn this award, the budget documents are critiqued by no less than two reviewers who have rated the document as meeting or exceeding a proficiency level. The annual budget is prepared with input from staff, the Mayor and the Council all working together to create a comprehensive document for the public. 

Utility Billing Department
The City of Sultan utilities cover water, sewer, garbage and storm drain. Bills are sent the first week of every month.

Garbage and recycling is mandatory in the City of Sultan. Yardwaste recycling is optional. For information about Sultan’s garbage service, please contact City Hall at 360.793.2231. If you have questions about recycling, please call Republic/Allied Services at 800.942.5965.


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