The Planning department is responsible for land use and building permit services and long range planning programs.  Our department ensures that the natural and built environments are healthy, safe, and reflect the communities’ vision by providing exceptional customer service, listening to our customers and proactively solving problems.

The Planning Division also administers the Zoning Code and several other codes that are used daily by developers and the public as they do development in the community (Sultan Municipal Code Click Here).

City staff is planning several updates to various Chapters of the Sultan Municipal Code; to see what changes are in progress please visit the Planning Board page for agendas and attachments.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Kristi Kyle, Planning Director at 360.793.1311
or click to email

Cyd Donk, Assistant Planner at 360.793.1099
or click to email

Victoria Forte, Community Service Officer at 360.793.2272
or click to email

Permit Applications & Handouts