Sky Valley Timber Products is located at 116 S. Sultan Basin Road, in Sultan. It’s a family based business owned by Dan and Wendy Bowman along with their daughter, Jolynn.

Dan bought the property at 116 S. Sultan Basin Road in the 1980s with the intention of building storage units, but the property has remained vacant since then ~ until now.

Dan graduated from WSU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry in 1982. He met Wendy Irvin in 1985 while working at Petosa’s in Monroe. They have one daughter, Jolynn who is now 20 and working with the family business.

They ran Bowman Logging Company from the 1980s with 20-plus employees. They’re scaling back now to operate their new business, Sky Valley Timber Products.

In 2017 they plan on building an 80-foot by 140-foot building to run their new business out of. They plan on having a plainer and a kiln in the future with a goal to be their wood customer’s “One Stop Shop.”

They produce quality wood slabs, table tops, fireplace mantles, large timbers and beams. They have a “Do It Yourself” boutique product line that includes coasters, cupcake holders and ice chests. They will even custom cut logs for their customers and encourage their customers to watch their products being made.

In two to five years the Bowmans see themselves producing specialty wood products. “It’s a lot of fun cutting the wood and putting it all together,” commented Dan. They’re headed toward a business that will support them in their retirement and still support the logging operation.