Crosswater Community Church launched in Sultan in September 2007, as a plant from Cascade Church in Monroe.  They planned for one year before starting at the Sultan Boys and Girls Club in August in 2007, officially launching a month later at Sultan High School, where they remained for nine years. They recently moved to 212 Birch Avenue, formerly the Methodist Church, where they are doing some serious remodeling.

Pastor Aaron Day and Assistant Pastor, Jon Merwin, agree that one of their goals is to serve the community, which is exactly what they’ve been doing for the past nine years.  One of their first volunteer experiences was stacking sand bags on Main Street during a flood.  They knocked on the door of the Chinese Restaurant and no one answered so they sand-bagged the door. But, the owner WAS inside and didn’t hear them knocking. She couldn’t get out and ended up calling 911 and the firefighters had to come and rescue her.

They set up a booth at Shindig called “the Oasis” giving away water and providing a place for folks to rest. They started a Vacation Bible School that serves approximately 100 children each summer.

Pastor Aaron said they love their community and serve it with heart and have done so for the past nine years.

Every year they pick up garbage at Shindig.  They have monthly movie nights in the Gazebo at River Park in the summer, they host block parties and sponsor the “White Out” at Sultan High School giving out 300-plus T-shirts.  They also financially sponsor events at Sultan High School.  They collect food at the games and challenge other community members to collect food for the food bank and support Sultan High School.

Crosswater Community Church hosts “Food Rescue” every Sunday feeding approximately 40 families that totals approximately 200 meals served every Sunday.

They cater food for every Parent/Teacher Conference and the volunteers, helping out at the senior projects.

They have a “Community Care Ministry” that helps people out with rent, power assistance, etc. giving out approximately $10,000 – $12,000 each year in financial aid.

“It’s Jesus’ teaching to love your neighbors, love yourself and want to share the love,” commented Pastor Day.  “We even appreciate the opportunity to pick up garbage.”

They volunteer at the Easter Egg Hunt and Trunk or Treat every year. They donate money to the arts, field trips, after school activities, Operation School Bell, that takes kids shopping for shoes and clothes.

Pastors Aaron and Jon want you to know that they didn’t buy the new church for themselves; they will continue supporting the community the same as they have been for the past nine years. As they remodel the church, they’re thinking of the community and want it to be a resource for the community to use. They have a facility to use for free for weddings, lady’s painting classes, dance classes, Boy Scouts and community meetings for just the cost of a damage deposit that’s refundable.  “We want to use parts of the church for outside groups more than inside groups,” said Pastor Jon.  “It will be a place of influence for classes and mentoring to service more people in the community.”

The church’s 10th anniversary is coming up in September and they’re looking for some community projects, whether it’s City, School, VOA or the food bank.

They see themselves in Sultan indefinitely, serving approximately 400 people.  “We know that Jesus loves them and that they belong,” said Pastor Day.

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