What are the City’s existing housing policies?

The 2011 Sultan Comprehensive Plan includes the following housing goals and policies:


H 1       Manage Growth Potentials

H 2       Promote Housing Diversity

H 3       Housing-Design Concepts

H 4       Increase Center Viability

H 5       Best Housing Practices

H 6       Create Identity


H 1.1    Growth management priorities

H 1.2    Housing Variety

H 1.3    Preservation of existing housing

H 2.1    Innovative Land Use Planning

H 2.2    Housing choice

H 2.3    Clustering and Lot Averaging provisions

H 2.4    Manufactured housing

H 2.5    Higher density detached single family housing

H 2.6    Attached single-family housing

H 2.7    Multiple family housing

H 2.8    Mixed use housing

H 3.1    Smaller single-family lots

H 3.2    Cluster housing

H 3.3    Shared access

H 3.4    Quality housing

H 4.1    Moderate to higher density housing

H 4.2    Mixed use residential development

H 4.3    Support affordable housing within Sultan

H 5.1    Affordable housing development within Region

H 5.2    Permit Streamlining 

H 6.1    Neighborhood planning areas

H 6.2    Encourage low density development

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