How do I pay for my permit?


Update July 1, 2021 - Sultan City Hall  is open to the public. Payments for permits will be accepted in person, through the mail or on the city website at the link provided below. 

  1. If you are paying for a building permit: Do NOT pay for your building permit online until you have received confirmation of the correct permit amount and the building permit number. This information is required when paying on-line. The building permit number must be entered into the "Account No." box.  You may also provide a description of the permit in the "Comment" box.
  2. Visit our website here to pay by credit card (A $2.00 service fee is applied to checking/savings account payments. A 4% service fee is applied to debit/credit card payments). You must have the amount and permit application number(s) for reference.
  3. A check, made out to the City of Sultan, can be sent in the mail to City Hall at PO Box 1199, Sultan, WA 98294 - include reference to permit # provided.

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