Proposed New Park - Sultan Basin Area

UPDATE posted: 9/30/2021

The City would like to hear from you! What features do you want in park? Please review the proposed park concepts and follow the link below to participate in our survey.


The City sewer fund owns a 35.56-acre piece of property on the east side of Sultan, commonly referred to as the Hammer Property. The property is broken down into three sections: a useable and already graded flat top portion approximately 4.96 acres that is zoned public and institutional, a strip of land along State Route 2 zoned commercial development, and a middle portion that is heavily encumbered by critical areas. The location is shown in blue in the picture below.

Proposed Park Location Shown in Blue 

In the 2020 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) plan update the City identified a need for additional park space on the east side of town. Public outreach included specific questions about the park amenities that our residents desired in the Sultan Basin Road area.


There are three key advantages to utilizing the Hammer Property as a park: 

  • The City sewer fund owns the property and purchasing a different piece of land for park use in Sultan would be expensive. The City budgeted money in the 2021 park impact fee fund to purchase the Hammer Property from the sewer fund.
  • The property is already zoned for a park.
  • The property has already been graded flat and there are no critical areas to complicate development.


As shown in the survey below conducted in conjunction with the PROS Plan update, residents indicated they would like to see a multi-use green space, playgrounds and youth-oriented facilities, dog parks, and covered amenities. Staff worked with KPG, the City’s most qualified park improvement on-call engineering firm and developed a scope of work.


Park Amenity Preference Graph

This scope of work will provide the City with bid ready plans to construct a park with the following amenities:

  • Restroom facilities (two unisex stalls in a prefabricated building)
  • Parking lot (20-30 parking spots, final count TBD during design process)
  • Trail/path system (to connect active, passive, and picnic areas)
  • Interpretive signage (historical and natural)
  • Passive recreational facilities
    • Picnic shelters
    • BBQ pits
    • Park furniture (tables, benches, trash receptacles, possibly human and dog drinking fountains)
  • Active recreation facilities:
    • Open turf areas for casual play
    • Basketball court or other active sport court
    • Play equipment for children between the ages of two and twelve.


On May 27, 2021, the city council awarded a task order to KPG for conceptual designs. At the July 8, 2021, council meeting staff released the first set of concepts to share with the community. These are attached for your viewing.  The city will be performing public outreach in the coming months to include additional surveys to receive resident feedback on the concept ideas received to date.

Posted 7/13/2021



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    Public Works Director

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