Snow & Ice Response Plan

This Snow and Ice Response Plan (PDF) has been prepared for the purpose of communicating the designated roadways, in priority order, that will receive snow plowing and sanding services during winter snow and ice events. This Plan also provides a description of plowing and sanding services that will be employed by the Public Works Department. This Plan includes the methods by which roadways will be monitored and Public Works Department will be alerted to adverse conditions.

  1. Communication
  2. Operations
  3. Areas of Priority

The Public Works Director will assess the weather and roadway conditions and initiate action. Outside of normal working hours (Monday through Friday, 7:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.), the Public Works Operations Manager will be responsible for making a Citywide assessment, and may also initiate sanding/plowing operations at their discretion.

The Operations Manager will be available for call-out in severe winter weather events. The Operations Manager or the Public Works Director may schedule additional personnel to respond when extra help is needed.

When unforeseen severe winter weather events occur and urgent sanding/plowing is necessary, the Operations Manager shall initiate a rapid response within 30 minutes of such an event. Callback will be done in accordance with the approved bargaining agreement.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Please use the following numbers to contact the Public Works Department or After-Hours Emergency Line. When calling after hours, please call the afterhours emergency phone first. If no response if received within 30 minutes total time, begin calling the remaining numbers listed:

  • Public Works Department
    Phone: 360.793.1164
    Monday through Friday
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • After-Hours Emergency Line
    Phone: 360.793.2231, then press 5

If you cannot reach someone at the After-Hours Emergency line, please dial 911.

Core Communication Group

Daily status updates via email will be sent during winter weather events requiring sanding or plowing. In emergency situations, the Core Group will be apprised of the situation immediately and be kept updated until the situation is resolved. The Core Group is defined as:

Russell WiitaMayorEmail Russell360.793.2231
Position VacantCity AdministratorEmail Will360.793.2231
Ben MacDickenOperations ManagerEmail Ben360.793.1114
Nate MorganPublic Works DirectorEmail Nate360.793.2262
Craig HessPolice ChiefEmail Craig425.388.6262
Seth JohnsonFire ChiefEmail Seth360.913.4315
Julie GratteauAdministrative AssistantEmail Julie360.793.1164
Tami PeveyCity ClerkEmail Tami360.793.2231
Janice MannUtility Billing SpecialistEmail Janice360.793.1129