Public Works - Community Improvement Projects

Capital improvement projects (CIPs) are short-term projects and purchases that provide a planning schedule and options for financing the project.  The benefits to a CIP include:

  • Systematic evaluation of all potential projects at the same time
  • Ability to stabilize debt to reduce borrowing
  • Focused infrastructure and efficient use of public funds

Currently the City of Sultan has numerous projects in all phases, from design stages to those nearing completion. The projects listed below each have their own page so that we can highlight them from time to time and keep you up to date on their progress.

Proposed Park (Sultan Basin Area)

Lake 16 Dam

Main Street Sewer Line

2020 FEMA Flood Clean Up

  1. Nate Morgan

    Public Works Director
    Phone: 360-793-2262

  2. Ben MacDicken

    Operations Manager
    Phone: 360-793-1114