Capital Improvement Projects

Storm Drainage Improvement - Fir Street

The City is will be conducting Storm Drainage improvements on the drain along Fir Street; we will be converting the current open drain to a hard-piped drain system. The project will include surveying, staking, pipe placement, and the tear-down and rebuild of any existing fencing along the City easement within resident’s property line.

The surveying will be completed by Harmsen and Associates, construction will be completed by Sultan City staff. The project will include the installation of two catch basins and approximately 300 feet of pipe within the City’s easement. Project completion is slated for September 2019.

Fir Street Storm Drainage Improvement Map

135th Street Water Main Replacement

Surveying has begun on site to locate water, sewer, electrical flows on 311th (Gohr) down to Wisteria. This project is in the early stages, and we will update the website as more information becomes available. For bid information and additional documents in relation to this project please click here: 135th Street AC Water Main Replacement Bid Posting

135th Street Water Main Replacement Map

Decant Facility

A decant facility is a large concrete pad where stormwater waste (retrieved from catch basins and dry wells) can be properly disposed.

The construction of a new stormwater decant facility is in the planning stages. Stormwater drainage systems can contain above normal concentrations of contaminates such as dissolved heavy metals, heavy oil and gasoline. If left untreated, this sediment could result in contamination to the environment. The decant facility is in place to receive, process and dispose of those contaminates.

Decant Facility Map