Code Enforcement

File a Complaint

If you know of a possible code violation in Sultan, you can file a complaint by calling the Community Service Officer at 360-793-2272 or via email or report a concern online. Learn more about Code Enforcement in the City of Sultan.

Potential Code Concerns

The Community Service Officer responds to the following types of concerns.

Construction Codes

  • Abandoned and dangerous buildings
  • Work without permits:
    • Clearing and grading
    • Construction
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • Plumbing


All fences shall be approved by the Planning Department. Failure to obtain a fence permit may result in double permit fees or removal of the fence in the instance it does not meet current codes and sight clearances.

Home Occupations

Businesses conducted in a residence without an approved Home Occupation permit.

Junk Vehicles

Vehicles on private property that are inoperable (i.e. flat tire, extensive damage, or missing major parts).

Land Use Violations

Violations of zoning and development regulations (i.e. business located in a non-permitted zone, intrusions into required setbacks, or keeping of non-permitted animals on property).

Litter on Private Property

  • Dumpsters overflowing with garbage
  • Illegal dumping of garbage


Disturbing noises as adopted in the Sultan Municipal Code Chapter 8.10 Public Disturbance Noise. See the attached process of how we approach noise disturbances: Noise and Disturbance Handout


Appliances, debris, and junk on private property.

Recreational Vehicles, Boats & Trailers

Violations of storage restrictions on residential property.


All signs must be approved by the Planning Department. Temporary and A-board signs are permitted as required by code.