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Link to the application system:  City of Sultan, WA | Public Portal (


You will need to create an account (Collaborator) and sign in (if you have not already).  


  • Once you do that, you will want to select the green button to the far right that says: GET STARTED.
  • Click the green button on the far left:  MAKE NEW REQUEST
  • Click on the blue button - COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT
  • Scroll down to the RESIDENTIAL BUILDING PERMITS and click on the building permit that relates to your project.
  • Follow steps to upload plans and supporting documentation.
  • No fees are due until we process the application.

If you need assistance, please contact Cyd via email or call 360.793.1099.

OIP Opens in new windowPermit Application Information for Manufactured or Mobile Homes

Permits for placing a manufactured or mobile home on your property that are newer than 1976, are issued through the City of Sultan's on-line permit portal MyGov.


Permits for remodels or alterations to your manufactured or mobile home must be applied for through the Department of Labor & Industries.  See more below.

Permitting for alterations or additions to your Manufactured or Mobile Homes 

Department of Labor & Industries - Permitting Agency

Did you know that the Department of Labor & Industries issues and inspects any additions and or alterations to your manufactured or mobile homes?  Find out more by visiting Department of Labor & Industries or reading the FAQ's below or clicking here.

Is my home a manufactured or mobile home?

Use our Find Labels page to find out if your home is a manufactured or mobile home that requires permits and inspections for alterations by L&I.

Are you remodeling or repairing your manufactured home? Depending on the work you are doing you may need a permit. Use the information on this page to help you determine if you need a permit, how to purchase one, and requesting an inspection for the work you have done.

If you are buying a permit for the first time or are unsure which permit to get, read on.

Check to see if you need a permit

Simply checking the list for which alterations require permits tab (above) could save you time and money. You may not need a permit for the type of work you're doing; or you may need a different kind of permit, especially if your project includes electrical work.

Find out about electrical permits

If the electrical work takes place outside your home, you need an electrical permit. If the electrical work takes place inside your home, you need a manufactured/mobile home permit.

Check plan submittal requirements before you buy a permit

Some alterations require you to submit plans for approval when you buy a permit. Find out if your project needs to submit plans. Click here for helpful flyers on projects you may have on your mind.

Learn about inspections if you refinance or sell your home

You might need a Homeowner Requested Inspection (HRI). An HRI is often needed to disclose unpermitted work before you refinance or sell your manufactured or mobile home.

Find out how much a permit and inspection will cost

View the current permit and inspection fees in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC 296-150M-3000).