Whether you are moving to our city, or just visiting and want information, we want you to feel welcome.

Established in the late 1880’s and officially incorporated in 1905, our community has a rich and colorful heritage. Logging, mining and agriculture provided the economic and cultural foundation in those early years. Today, Sultan is a quiet but growing community with a population fast approaching 5,000.

Our city is on the brink of a great transformation. Already several hundred new residential homes, commercial and retail projects currently are in the development process. We recognize that growth is inevitable, and we are actively taking the steps necessary to protect the wonderful way of life that our residents have treasured for over one hundred years.

The downtown area and older parts of Sultan can be prone to flooding when the Skykomish River is elevated.

Stay prepared and informed by referring to the website below for real time information regarding flood levels in the Skykomish River.


City of Sultan-Athletic Field Application and Policy

Athletic Field Policy-Click Here
Athletic Field Application-Click Here



Effective June 1, 2016, Snohomish County is providing non-emergency numbers for the public use. After years of promoting 9-1-1 as the number for non-emergencies, YOU ARE NOW ASKED TO CALL 9-1-1 ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES.

Calls for police with no immediate danger to life or property, found property, or firework complaints should be referred to the non-emergency numbers.

The new numbers are: 425.407.3999 (SNOPAC) and 425.775.3000 (SNOCOM). SNOPAC is the call center for Everett and for East and North Snohomish County. SNOCOM is the call center for South Snohomish County. When in doubt, refer to the SNOPAC number.

Snohomish County has developed a web page with information for the public about calling 911 which lists the new phone numbers, links to other resources (filing a noise complaint, the online crime report etc.) and what constitutes an “emergency”.

For more information, please contact your local police department or call City Hall at 360.793.2231.

The City of Sultan has a new off-leash dog park!! “Dogs on First” at Osprey Park is located on First Street by Osprey Park and is ready for you and your dog to have some off-leash time!!

This off-leash park will be done in three phases. Phase I is complete and ready for you and your dog and Phase II is underway. We are looking for people who want to help build the last phase. Please CLICK HERE for more information on helping build this park!

The city has a toter system that began in 2015. Please click here for new garbage information. Each month, the city sends out a CALENDAR in your monthly utility bill that contains the garbage schedule for the month along with other events throughout the city.

March 2017 Monthly Calendar

NEED HELP WITH YOUR SULTAN UTILITY BILL?  Don’t wait until your water is shut off to ask for help. Past due payments or payment arrangements MUST be made before shut off day. Please contact us to see how we can help. We can also share local resources that may be able to assist you. Please call at 360.793.2231.